CELD’s Women Leadership Development Training Program – July 2013

The training was very interactive, informative and very educative, the trainers carried all the trainees along. We enjoyed all the sessions and the networking was first class. I have added a lot of contacts from this programme and bringing the training to Dubai to a 1st class hotel was an experience especially for first timers. I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the organizer CELD and especially the team that came with us to Dubai, uncle Sam, Sheba Alhamdu and Kembet for a job well done.

I wish them the best in all their future endeavours God bless and keep the flag flying

Adama Ibrahim Dankwambo
Wife of Executive Governor, Gombe State.

CELD’s Women Leadership Development Training Program – July 2013

The training was very lively. Everyone in the training session participated adequately as a lot of ideas and theories were taught. The interactive nature of the training was superb while the conducive atmosphere chosen for the training was wonderful which facilitated easy comprehension of lessons learnt.

I hope a similar training will be organized very soon to ginger our women who are especially shy to conduct public speaking like myself, because that is the part that intrigued me the most. More grease to your elbow and long live CELD.

Rahmatu Ibrahim Hassan Esq.
Legal Assistant to the first lady of Gombe State

CELD’s Women Leadership Development Training Program – July 2013

I give it to the guys at CELD, marvelous job. I have attended a lot of international trainings but this one really took the cake. I am proud of you guys, keep the flag flying.

Yeside Elias
OMP Limited

CELD’s Women Leadership Development Training Program – July 2013

The Centre for Economic and Leadership Development has really tried in organizing a fabulous workshop

For women leaders. Actually it is the first international training that I have ever attended and it was really worth the trouble, infact I would not miss it for anything, it has changed my perception for international conferences. I thought those conferences were just money making avenues for the organizers, but CELD has changed my thought, infact I think they did not make any monetary gain out of this event. They treated us well, took us to the best hotel in the world. The Conference was an eye opener for most of us. It gave us an opportunity to meet many nice people. A very big bravo to you all at CELD and we look forward to receiving another future invitation from you guys. It has been nice knowing you all at the centre.

Mrs. Fatima Abubakar Ali Gombe
Commissioner for Women Affairs - Gombe State

CELD’s Women Leadership Development Training Program – July 2013

The programme was quite exciting, inspiring and educative. It was filled with topics very adequate for the target audience. I really enjoyed every bit of it and look forward for an equivalent one. The organizers were focused and bent on achieving results. Good Work

Okolin, Lilian E. (Mrs.)
Assistant General Manager - (PHCN) Sapele

Global Forum on African Women in Leadership - September 2012

I am pleased that the Centre aims at harnessing and enhancing the leadership potential of women in leadership positions in Africa as a whole. The vision of the Centre which is to empower women and vulnerable children in achieving their full potential is of great significance to Africa as a continent, because Africa’s development is interconnected with women’s empowerment. Women’s empowerment is an important factor in accelerating Africa’s growth. I also admire your focus of supporting children, especially girls in difficult situations, because I believe the starting point for women’s empowerment in Africa should be with girls’ empowerment.


Her Excellency Mrs. Joyce Banda
President of the Republic of Malawi

West African Women in Leadership Summit, Accra 2011

May I at this moment assure you that I am not unaware of your immense contributions to the socio-economic development of Nigerian Youths and Young Women since the establishment of this noble organization in 2004, by helping them to achieve their God-ordained potentials through your landmark programmes.

Your target audience, which are children and young women, are in a season of life when opportunities abound, a time to really prepare for the future, and a time to channel their energy towards positive ventures.

I note particularly your involvement at the community level, because my heart and focus are always there; with the grassroot people, the vulnerable, our dear people.

I am also overwhelmed to note that you also captured the interest of the unemployed, widows, school drop-outs, rehabilitated ex-convicts and physically challenged in your programmes.  I am indeed challenged by your vision.

Her Excellency, Dame (Dr) Patience Goodluck Jonathan
First Lady, Federal Republic of Nigeria