Shika Acolatse

SHIKA ACOLATSE Country Director of Enablis Ghana Enterprise Development Centre


Country Director of Enablis

Ghana Enterprise Development Centre

Shika Acolatse is the Country Director of Enablis Ghana and also the Centre Director for the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) in Takoradi. Enablis Entrepreneurial Network Ghana, through partnerships with the government and the private sector and under her directorship, runs the Business Launchpad initiative, a competiton aimed at expert training and guidance to developing viable, marketable business plans.  Through her directorship of EDC since 2013, Shika drives the Ghanian government’s commitment to empower local engineers, technicians and entrepreneurs, and equip small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to take advantage of business opportunities in Ghana’s emerging oil and gas sector

Shika has varied and rich experience in project management, entrepreneurship/SME development, training and management gained in Ghana and Internationally. In these roles, Shika has assisted emerging entrepreneurs to identify and develop business ideas into profitable businesses. Entrepreneurship, in her belief, functions as one of the most effective ways of wealth creation, puts the lives of people/a nations’s citizenry into their own hands as well as serves as the backbone of some of the most colossal and growing economies of the 21st century.

Prior to Enablis in 2009, Shika worked as a Project Manager with Tencho Serve Inc. In this position, Shika was a key team member with a major role in the design and implementation of various entrepreneurship development programs including a multi country national business plan competition and entrepreneurship development program.

She has successfully designed and implemented other capacity building programs for the economic benefit of the food insecure regions in Ghana in conjunction with the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (USA). Shika has taught aspects of entrepreneurship to rural Tanzanian and Ghanaian youth. She has also served as resource person for various entrepreneurship development trainings including the African Business Leaders’ Forum. She has mentored finalists on various entrepreneurship contests, including World Bank’s Ghana Development Marketplace competition.

In October 2014, Shika served on a panel of judges for the annual Enactus World Cup competition – a forum for national champion teams, emergent from annual series of regional and national business competitions. TheEnactus World Cup competition panel of judges also included global CEOs of Unilever, Walmart, KPMG Foundation, Hershey’s, Cargill, the Coca Cola Company, Microsoft etc. Additionally, Shika has years of experience in management and administration. She has a degree in entrepreneurship and SME management and she is an accredited entrepreneurship trainer from the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), New York.