This is annual unprecedented  summit, formally known as AMEAWS- The Africa-Middle-Asia Women Summit, and now titled-  The South America-Africa-Middle-Asia Women Summit (SAMEAWS), in other to introduce the participation of women and stakeholders from South America.

The summit, aimed at bringing together, the most influential and prominent women as well as key stakeholders from the South America, Africa, Middle East and Asian regions, under one roof; has 5 pivotal objectives-

  • To re-emphasize and vividly demonstrate the critical role of women to the future of developing economies.
  • To instigate the required response for key stakeholders and international policymakers to review gender policies and make the necessary investments that will ensure gender equality and thereby effectively utilizing one half of the 4 regions’ population, the world’s greatest untapped resource – its women.
  • To connect Middle East Women entrepreneurs with their counterparts in the emerging economies of South America, Africa and Asia, thereby building bridges, businesses, and fostering a network of the revolution of a Women’s Movement from the 4 regions to shape a better future for women, their families and their communities.
  • To provide the platform for a renewed and sustainable engagement between global investors and women entrepreneurs of the organized Private Sectors in South America, Africa, Middle-East and Asian regions; thereby fostering economic relations between global investors and the 4 regions.
  • To celebrate and honour on a centre stage, the most influential and prominent women of these regions, who are directly contributing to their development.

In summary, it is a revolutionary movement of women and stakeholders from South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia; geared towards fast tracking the development of these regions