Trainee Empowerment Campaign (TEC)

The aim of the Trainee Empowerment Campaign is to finance a grassroots solution to poverty that puts microloans directly into the hands of successful trainees of CELD’s Skills Acquisition Program, with no funds to set up, so they can launch their own businesses through CELD’s Women Co-operative Society.Support the Trainee Empowerment Campaign today by contributing 5000 naira or $30 into the CELD Cooperative Society to help us reach our goal of empowering 10,000 vulnerable women to be self and gainfully employed

How It Works

These society grants loans to members at reasonable rates of interest in times of need, with a time frame to pay back the loan. The same refund is given to another needy member with same conditions, so the circle continues and the fund revolves over and over again

By contributing $30(5000 naira) today, you will be a part of a fund that will invest and reinvest and reinvest endlessly eliminating poverty one microloan at a time.

To Make a Donation,send an email to or call +2348039095696.