Join CELD’s body of patrons (Angels Network)

CELD’s Angels network was set up to give members of the society an opportunity to help the ordinary child / youth and women achieve their potentials in life.

The philosophy behind the formation of this network is based on the understanding that CELD cannot do it alone. There is the need to build a coalition and network of stakeholders to give the Child/Youth a better world than was given to us.


To build a strong team of people who will give opportunity to:

  • Vulnerable children / youth through educational sponsorship.
  • Build a reputable and reliant woman who can cater for the needs of their children and wards through our Skills Acquisition Programme and Trainee Support Scheme.

Membership Responsibilities

  • Donation of educational materials to indigent children /youth in rural areas.
  • Donation of school supplies to schools in rural areas.
  • Be a Special Guest and/or speaker during our annual international and national conferences.
  • Providing mentoring support 2 children / youths in need of a role model or an adult presence in their lives
  • Support and solicit for support for the less privileged women to acquire the necessary skill that will give them a means of livelihood.
  • Following – up of the progress of a child attached to you.

Categories of Membership

  • Platinum Angels
  • GOLD Angels
  • Silver Angels
  • Bronze Angels
  • Child Saviors Army

Terms and conditions apply for all categories of membership

Benefits of membership

  1. An Annual Award ceremony will be organized awards will be given to best Angels in the different involvements.
  2. An Investiture will be given to awardees by children / youth and women whose lives have been touched by you.
  3. The Joy of recognizing that you can make a difference in the life of someone who probably would be “a nobody” but for your intervention.
  4. Contributing to the quality of future Leaders.

Membership is open to all persons irrespective of nationality and religion

A membership form must be filled and processed, after which a membership ID card and a plaque of recognition will be given.