The mission of CELD is to contribute to the empowerment of vulnerable children, the girl child and women in general through educational assistance, poverty alleviation and leadership development programmes aimed at reaching 100,000 beneficiaries by 2015. There are a variety of ways to show your support and help us fulfill our mission. Below is a listing of our giving options.

Send a Child to School

Inherent in every orphan and vulnerable child is a hidden seed of greatness, which may die if not given the opportunity to sprout into a fruitful tree to be benefitted by several generations, click here for more

Become A  Monthly Sustaining Donor

As a way to continually show your support for the work CELD and to provide an ongoing contribution to the vulnerable in our society, we welcome recurring monthly gifts. To set up a monthly giving program, click here for more

Join CELD’s body of patrons (Angels Network)

CELD offers great opportunities for involvement by being a member of the Angels Network. To be a member, click here for more

Trainee Empowerment Campaign (TEC)

Supporting CELD through the Trainee Empowerment Campaign, will finance a grassroots solution to poverty that puts microloans directly into the hands of poor women so they can launch their own businesses. Click here for more

Join the Volunteer Force.

A people powered by passion and skills to make a difference in their world by contributing their time and expertise. Click here for more

To support our programs and initiatives in collaboration with our partner organisation- The African Leadership Development Foundation Inc.; click on the ‘Donate Now’ button below:

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