Eghogho Adoghe-Sanomi

Eghogho Adoghe-Sanomi, CEO Midel Group


CEO Midel Group

Eghogho Adoghe-Sanomi started her career with the Bureau of Public Enterprises Nigeria in 2000. She earned her BSc (Hons) degree in Economics and statistics from the University of Benin.

Eghogho’s passion for continuous learning in entrepreneurial endeavours and business management has led her to pursue several courses at the London School of Economics, The Center for Strategy and Communication London and the London School of Marketing. On obtaining a certificate from the British Institute of Facilities Management, she founded Midel Management Ltd in 2008, where she worked as the Managing Director until 2012. Aiming at promoting Nigeria as a conducive place in doing business in West Africa, she spearheaded a team who help entrepreneurs concentrate on their business ventures whist her group handles at other ancillary services in order for her clientele to run their business smoothly and orderly.

Upon completion of her certificate in Entrepreneurial Management at the Pan Atlantic University in 2012, she founded and became the CEO of The Midel Group, which led to Midel Management Ltd (a leading facility and property management entity) expansion and diversification by welcoming two other arms- The Midel Center and Midel Media.

The Midel Center, the flagship project of the Midel Group, was opened to the public in June 2013 after several years of conceptualisation and planning. It houses a myriad of small and medium size enterprises, who all enjoy the privilege of an active networking business community equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, backed by well management professionals catering to the needs of its clientele.

Eghogho launched the Midel Media in 2014, an online business broadcasting forum and bulletin which serves as a perfect platform for entrepreneurs to keep up to date, not only with current events in the corporate scene but also as a continuing informative source of business ethics, professional decorum and other inspirational articles.

Eghogho stays true to the group’s ethos of touching lives in her community and contributes to the well-being of society. She is a strong advocate of women empowerment. she supports and is also on the board of the Village Weavers’ Network, a non-profit organisation that educates and gives technical support to the less privileged women of Abuja, Nigeria, by teachings them how to weave mat for sale. These women financially sustain and educate their families from the proceeds of these sales.

She is also a Trustee of the Dickens Sanomi Foundation whose ultimate goal is to relieve the socio-economic challenges throughout Nigeria – with a special emphasis on promoting access to education and helping children and youths from vulnerable backgrounds.

Eghogho champions the GreenDel program, an environmental friendly awareness campaign that encourages clients, friends of The Midel Group and indeed the corporate sector of Abuja to segregate and recycle their waste, conserve energy, plant trees and reuse water from rainwater harvesting.

All these have been her inspiration to reach out, give back continually be involved in entrepreneurial and Corporate Social Responsibly endeavours to uplift the welfare of her society. Eghogho Adoghe-Sanomi’s  passionate entrepreneurial endeavours include mentorship, sponsorship and active participation in events such as the 2015 International Women’s Day 2015 in Abuja, Nigeria, as well as Midel Group’s active support of Nigerian Global  Entrepreneurship Week 2014.