Welcome to the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD), an organization with a core mandate to bring true and enduring empowerment to women at various levels, circumstances, cultures and tribes; whilst re defining the theory and practice of inclusive leadership and education for the youth and the various societies where we operate.

We believe in the power of women as powerful change agents in our societies. This is important as women all over the world, and especially in emerging economies, are increasingly breaking stereotypes and contributing meaningfully to nation building and their local communities. It is this faith that we place in the collective abilities of women to move our world forward that has made our activities geared towards equipping women with the right tools form a very significant part of our activities at CELD.

Professional development for women, peak performance for public servants and the quest for development excellence in key sectors of our public life continually impact on our drive to unleash the awesome potentials in ordinary human, thereby leading to limitless possibilities for the human being and society in general.

We also place our faith in the future of our young people, while committing to helping less privileged youths, orphans and vulnerable children pursue their sense of worth through educational empowerment and support schemes.

Our driving force is hinged in the statement of Professor Richard Whitfield, the founding Chairman of the United Kingdom National Family Trust when he said, “We cannot become individuals unless we have someone who is rationally, irrationally and permanently committed to our welfare and interest. WE ARE NOBODY WITHOUT A COMMITTED SOMEBODY.’’

We are therefore resolved to being that committed to in re-defining peak performance and gender empowerment in today’s world. We therefore welcome to join hands and partner with us in this quest to make society a better place.

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Mrs Furo Giami

Executive Director