Mrs Furo Giami, Executive Director CELD

Women of the future: Building Relevance & Resilience

There is no doubt that in the past years progress has been made in enhancing women’s rights to basic and fundamental necessities of life, and engagement in non-traditional leadership roles and pathways- from state houses to boardrooms and to the grassroots. However, reflecting on the ground-breaking achievements of matriarchs of old such as Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her environmental work in Kenya; Tamar the Great, the first-ever Georgia’s great medieval queen and ruler; or Anna Fued, who pioneered the defense mechanisms concept and the field of child psychotherapy, it is evident that numerous opportunities and possibilities abound for women to thrive in every major sector of the global economy. These include opportunities to showcase their relevance and resilience in contributing to solving the novel and most pressing global challenges whilst driving the development of innovations and initiatives that address systemic inequalities and threat to women’s existence including gender-based violence, healthcare and poverty.

Therefore, this year 2022, Centre for Economic & Leadership Development (CELD) in collaboration with the Amazons Watch Magazine (AWM) (add link to website) have put together programs and initiatives centred on the theme- Women of the future: Building Relevance and Resilience. The goal is to support women to build their relevance and resilience as they tread unknown paths and take on the world. This double-pronged approach of building relevant and resilient women underpin all our programs this year 2022 specifically and the coming years. These Programs aim to build women’s drive and tenacity to not only strive to be relevant at the peak of their career, but also to remain so even when the ovation is over, the curtains drawn and the job is done, whilst remaining resilient in the face of uncertainties and upheavals.

We are pledging a renewed commitment to continually highlight the experiences, stories and giant strides of women from Africa and the rest of the world, and be the platform where such original and accurate data are mined and combined to power women’s development in all spheres of society.

We acknowledge that stories are powerful and when we tell them several times, we begin to shape opinions, paradigms, which gradually transform into a defined reality.  Therefore, in the coming years, beginning from 2022, we aim to position both CELD and AWM platforms for women to more than ever, control the narrative of their own pain or success story. Every human has both success and pain stories, which when reflected upon, should serve as a compendium of the person’s strength of perseverance, doggedness, resilience and timeless lessons learnt, including monumental achievements and breakthroughs. Thus, every woman deserves a collection of such stories to be documented for posterity and as time-tested case studies for upcoming generation of women.

Therefore, the new direction for CELD in collaboration with AWM is to tell and champion the woman’s story and experiences from her own point of view. A platform where every woman’s story is told and experiences highlighted- from the woman in rural area to the woman in leadership spheres, through our diverse programs, mediums and platforms.

Therefore, we implore you to stay and work with us as we strive to redefine women’s relevance and resilience in these very volatile times.


Warm Regards,


Mrs. Furo Ken-Giami

Executive Director

Centre for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD)