Women Leadership Development Forum – Portsmouth, United Kingdom

December 31, 2018
January 24, 2019
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Date: 4 – 9 February 2019

Theme: Engaging Partnerships and Collaborations for Impactful Leadership and Personal Development.


The Centre for Economic and Leadership Development invites you to participate at the 5-day Women Leadership Development Forum, billed to hold 4 – 9 February 2019, at Portsmouth United Kingdom.

With the theme set as – Engaging Partnerships and Collaborations for Impactful Leadership and Personal Development, the forum explores the issues facing women as they lead in crisis prone environment – following real threats of insurgency and other challenges in the society today. During this forum, our participants will learn how to examine and optimally utilize the various relationships, partnerships and collaborations available to them, both locally and internationally.


  • To connect women leaders with the connections, resources and tools required for global collaborations and impactful leadership
  • To develop women leaders with the skills for balance as they aspire to be great mothers and wives in their homes and families, and role models for the larger society.
  • To develop the leadership and assertive skills of women leaders, so as to prepare them for higher leadership roles in the society and also for life outside public office
  • Learn to create internal feelings of confidence, clarity and self-trust, happiness and vitality in spite of the challenges being faced.
  • To create a purpose board and learn how to prioritize their self-care, nourishment and rest in becoming THE TOTAL WOMAN
  • To learn how to step up their engagements and build collaborations / partnerships for successful projects implementation, funds raising, as well as high impact visibility.

The topics of the forum are all centred on the themes of personal transformation through collaborations and partnerships, empowerment, self-leadership, women’s leadership, and enhancing the health of women’s bodies, mind and spirit.

For more information, inquiries and registration, kindly contact:

Boma on boma@celdng.org or
Call +44 7464 350969