IGBESS: International Global Border Engagement Strategy Summit

January 19, 2018
5th International Conference on Security and Law Enforcement in Africa
January 22, 2018
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Background of the Event

The International Global Border Engagement Strategy Summit, (IGBESS), is an African boundaries collaboration event, designed to enhance the quality of border control in Africa, with the aim of inter-regional collaborations on trade and Mutual dependence at a global level, while mitigating border threat within the continent.

Purpose of the Event

The security and economic prosperity of a country greatly depends upon the ability of its Custom & Border Authority to adapt to the extraordinary pace of change in the global or regional trade and travel environment. With a dynamic threat environment, an expanding regional economy, significant growth of imports and exports, and the geopolitical changes, this only confirms that border management cannot simply focus on the traditional national boundaries. It has become imperative that for a seamless international network to integrate border enforcement capacities and to meet the demand of this evolving landscape, every nation must play a part, having been proven that no single nation or agency can meet these challenges alone.

Benefits for Participants

The summit avails participants the avenue to build opportunities for better partnership, with a focused and in-depth discussions on wide range of issues, and participation in multilateral, international trade and travel, while positioning itself for an inevitable global change.

Participants at the IGBESS are expected to take home the following benefit;

  • Knowledge of global border engagement strategy
  • Advanced border patrol strategic plans
  • Knowledge of an advanced Export-Import and related border security techniques
  • Expand their strategic and collaborative network in a virtual world
  • Managing problematic borders (Tech-advancement and Infrastructures)
  • Among other benefits


Hands- on Workshop

IGBESS offers Hands-on Workshops that provides cutting-edge information and valuable insights on the most current border strategy trends, technologies and new developments within the sector. Highlights Includes: (Picture Insert)

  • Guests/Paper Presentations
  • Panel Discussions and Case Studies
  • Break-out-sessions/Networking
  • Working visits and Private meetings
  • Tour of the World Customs Organization complex

Participating Focus Groups

  • Immigration Officials
  • Custom Officials
  • Border Patrol Officials
  • Port Managers
  • Military Personnel attached to border patrol team

Interested in Attending?

If you would like to attend, kindly confirm participation on or before 12 March 2018, by sending an email to simon@celdng.org

Participation Fee:  

 $3,600 (Three Thousand Six Hundred Dollars)     

This fee will cover 3 nights’ accommodation, airport pick up, all summit materials, training pack, refreshment (lunch and tea breaks) certificate of completion and a closing dinner on the last day of the forum.

For more information


UK: + 44 7459647093,

Africa (Nigeria): +234 7031640048