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May 17, 2010
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Between August 9th - 21st, 2010, CELD successfully held an Economic Empowerment Summit/Skills Acquisition training at the school hall of Government Science & Technical College, Garki Abuja

Between August 9th - 21st, 2010, CELD successfully held an Economic Empowerment Summit/Skills Acquisition training at the school hall of Government Science & Technical College, Garki Abuja

Between August 9th – 21st, 2010, CELD successfully held an Economic Empowerment Summit/Skills Acquisition training at the school hall of Government Science & Technical College, Garki Abuja

Background of Need for this Program

CELD, in pursuit of our vision of contributing to the achievement of the Millenium DevelopmentGoal (MDG) No. 1, also focused on one of our priority area which is to eradicate extreme poverty through multi-faceted skills Acquisition Programs.With the level of unemployed graduates and  many persons  still struggling to afford one square meal; CELD designed an Economic Empowerment Summit/Skills Acquisition Training in the Abuja FCT, aimed at equipping less-privileged persons with vocations and skills that would enable them earn daily income which would eventually help them afford the basic needs of life that gives man dignity.

The Program

A 2-weeks hands-on free intensive Economic Empowerment Summit/Skills Acquisition Training was organized from August 9thth -21st, 2010 at the School Hall, Government Science & Technical College, Garki, Abuja. About a hundred (100) vulnerable youths (physically challenged, unemployed, undergraduates, e.t.c, drawn from Abuja and its environs, benefitted from this programme.  The Program began with a National Economic Empowerment Summit with the aim of empowering ordinary people with life skills and a sense of self worth in order to enable them to be self and gainfully employed. It commenced with an inspiring and informative session on the sub-theme- ‘Starting a Small Business’, handled by an officer from Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), and the participants learnt how to pick a skill and start their own business. This was followed by the Skills Acquisition Training where the youths were trained in various courses like Event Management, Property Management, Internet Blogging, Bulk SMS Business, Catering, Branding etc. This program was organized in collaboration with SMEDAN Nigeria, The Investment club of Nigeria, Todays Leaders Ventures, Cool Fm, and African Leadership Magazine who gave media support.

Selected Success Stories from the EES/SAP

  • am an undergraduate and came home to see my family, during my vacation period. While at home, I discovered that I had a feeling of emptiness, a sort of dissatisfaction, the feeling that there is more to discover and achieve apart from the course I am studying at the University. Then I heard about this program, I quickly hurried to the venue and participated in all the sessions for the duration of the program. Though my vacation period expired, during the course of the program, it was so inspiring and revealing that I had to stay back to complete the course. I appreciate CELD for giving me this opportunity to discover myself and fill up that emptiness that has lingered for so long. Now, I know what to do to package myself and be all I desire to be.

Emmanuel Gabriel, 25yrs, Olamaboro L.G.A in Kogi State, Nigeria.

I was sitting in my room, one fortunate day, so confused about my life and not knowing the next step to take to achieve my life goals, which I have written a long time ago. This confusion and dissatisfaction was as a result of my being employed for a long time in a place where I am payed little or nothing, not even enough to provide at least the basic needs of life. Suddenly, while I was sitting and going through my life goals for the umpteenth time, wondering what to do, I heard an announcement on radio concerning this program but I couldn’t get the name of the venue. Almost immediately, I got a call  from a friend informing me of same program, I came for the program and all I can say is that it was life transforming, exactly what I need to start off a business of my own; infact this program was put together just for me. I thank CELD and my God, for keeping me at home that fortunate day to hear that announcement.

Evelyn Oboh, Esan West L.G.A in Edo State, Nigeria.

I have a dream to start an NGO, in order to help the people in my community who are really suffering and also to be an employer of labour, reducing the level of unemployment in my community. The fear of starting had so consumed me that it had destroyed every sense of self-worth I had. Then I heard about this program and ensured that I attended all the sessions. I am so excited because I have regained so much confidence in my abilities, to the extent that I started the process of registering my NGO and the printing of my stationeries before the end of the program. Thank you CELD.

Janet Ogbonnaya, 23yrs, Ohaozara L.G.A in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

We want to share with you some of our learning experiences during the Skills Acquisition Programme conducted for vulnerable youths in the FCT by CELD.  Catering in its basic form is known to all of us as human beings, who survive through this common act of cooking and serving good food for all ages and people of all works of life. In its organized form, emphasis is placed on broadening the outlook of the caterer to have a good understanding of the different types of food for different people and cultures, way beyond that of the caterer. The other important aspect of catering is its emphasis that food be properly cooked. This we have all imbibed in the course of our study and we will endeavour to spread this gospel as good ambassadors of this lofty project.   During the programme we were taught how to prepare two African dishes which are Vegetable soup with Garri , White soup with Pounded yam and some Pastries covering four(4) snacks and Cake baking with two different methods of icing (Royal and Butter Icing), Pies, Bread/Doughnut and Puff-Puff. We have no doubt in our minds that this catering training will have a positive impact on our outlook on life particularly with regard to dealing with the issue of unemployment in these tough economic times of global recession.

We have, through the leadership skills acquired, been equipped to be employers of labour rather than idling away in search of jobs that may take a long time coming. This empowerment has made fishermen of us in line with the Chinese adage which says that it better to teach a man how to fish than to give him fish when he is hungry. We are immensely grateful to the organizers- CELD- for their sacrifice and labour of love and appeal to the government to create more of such opportunities as a way of channelling the abundant energies of our youths toward building a vibrant nation and economy.

CELD SAP Catering Class, August 2010 Session.