Presentation by the Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO)
May 17, 2010
Economic Empowerment Summit / Skills Acquisition Training
August 22, 2010
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While noting that the theme of the Conference was timely as Nigeria clocks 50 and at a time when the committee of Nations now rates members Nations by their individual positive response to the wellbeing of the child. She added that the conference presents an opportunity to review the efforts of the Government and other stakeholders in Nigeria.

She stated that despite Nigeria’s signing of the UNCRC and the Child Rights Act of 2003, there has been wide spread child abuses in the country in addition to increasing cases of infant mortality, poor access to health care, education and justice, child exploitation and infant marriages.

The Director General advocated that line ministries should drive the Child Rights Act implementation in a cooperative manner. She that it was necessary for sensitization visits to be made to stakeholders and opinion leaders at community levels and a need to develop a channel for getting feed backs from the Children.

Regarding the council child programmes she said ‘’ The Legal Aid Council has continue to run child friendly programmes and initiatives such as the Police Duty Solicitors Scheme, Community Legal Aid Clinic and the Call – in/ walk – in centre. We have under our human rights profile shown remarkable resistance to child’s imprisonment in any disguise. We are eager to see the comprehensive implementation of the Child Right Law in Nigeria.’’ She said.

The Director General concluded by joining other speakers in giving kudos to CELD for the event.