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Welcome to the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD), an organization with a core mandate to bring true and enduring empowerment to women at various levels, circumstances, cultures and tribes; whilst re defining the theory and practice of inclusive leadership and education for the youth and the various societies where we operate.

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Our mission is to become a leading global platform for delivering peak performance and gender empowerment.

To promote productive engagement, peak performance and the advancement of the practice and development of leadership for the benefit of today’s developing societies globally.

  • The Annual South America-Africa – Middle East – Asia Women Summit (SAMEAWS)
  • The International Conference on African Women Development
  • The Nigeria Power Women Conference
  • National Conference on Education
  • Partnership For African Women Entrepreneurship Development (PAWED)
  • Management and Organizational Leadership Training Program
  • The Women Leadership Development Training Program

Message from the ED

Women of the future: Building Relevance & Resilience

Mrs Furo Giami, Executive Director CELD

There is no doubt that in the past years progress has been made in enhancing women’s rights to basic and fundamental necessities of life, and engagement in non-traditional leadership roles and pathways- from state houses to boardrooms and to the grassroots. However, reflecting on the ground-breaking achievements of matriarchs of old such as Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her environmental work in Kenya; Tamar the Great, the first-ever Georgia’s great medieval queen and ruler;  Read on..

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