Sarah Hammond

9Sarah Hammond is the President of Atlas Electric and Air Conditioning, a company located in Alton. Atlas Electric & Air Conditioning is over 34 year old family business that has been in operation since April 1983. The company services expand from Laredo, Brownsville, Corpus and up to Austin.

In 2010 her mother suffered a stroke which left her paralyzed and this is when Sarah steps into a full time role in the family business becoming the President of the company. She remembers the days when her mom and dad were operating the business from their home and then built a warehouse and purchased property and then growth just happened. Today the business enjoys a 3,000 sq ft facility, 19 employees and partnership service locations throughout the Valley.  This year, they implemented Plumbing and Refrigeration into their additional services for Atlas.

She also oversees management of Hummingbird Trailer Park, which is a winter Texan park for her family that is over 20 years old and at maximum capacity every year.  They also own a rental Alton X-Plex and other real estate.  In 2014, her father and her started The Rock Paving & Utility Construction Company, and have invested in other entrepreneur ideas such as QLUE, Inc. a mobile application.

Sarah is a talented and savvy Hispanic woman entrepreneur and through her leadership and vision has taken Atlas to new levels of success. Her excellent networking skills have helped her brand and expand the company to new markets, assisting in opening Refrigeration and Plumbing additions to the company and creating an in-house financing market which provides a stronger financial position.

According to Sarah, she acquired her skills from her parents, especially from her mother. She saw her hard work and enormous sacrifice she invested on behalf of the business and family. Her life line is, “my passion is my family and therefore my passion is Atlas.”

Sarah became the President/CEO of the Southwest Community Investment Corporation in 2014, a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster economic development in the Rio Grande Valley and the umbrella organization that hosts the Women’s Business Center.  She also sits on 7 boards and is actively president of 2, SCI/WBC and the South Texas Board of the BBB and is Past Chair of the Organization of Women Executives. She serves on 1 state board for Texas.   Prior to working full time for Atlas, Sarah spend 19 years in the legal field and developed a very strong background in legal management, bankruptcy and adversarial cases.

Although business and community involvement is important, what brings most happiness to Sarah is her family. She is married to Marty Hammond and has three children. She has lived here in the valley her whole life and married her husband from Alabama who settled here to support her in her business.