Princess Dato’Sri Maria Amor Torres

princess-maria-photoPrincess Dato’Sri Maria Amor Torres DK1, D.D., Princess and Home Minister of The Royal Kingdom of Sulu, Princess of The Royal House of Balo-i, recipient of DARJAH KERABAT (highest award for Royalty given to Kings, Sultans, Presidents) is the Founder and President of the We Care for Humanity, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote universal humanitarianism and provide education, health and empowerment to the underprivileged and underserved women and children using various global novel collaboration and projects. We Care for Humanity was founded in 2009 and formalized in 2011.

Under her leadership, We Care for Humanity has initiated many innovative and important activities in extending care and help to the poor and the needy, building peace projects, strengthening international relations, promoting education and health for all, and empowering women and developing new peace and humanitarian leaders.

Dr. Maria Amor has lectured and a staple invited speaker throughout the United States and Asia on issues of peace, humanity, health and education, human trafficking and international trade. She has received many awards for her works for a more peaceful and humanitarian world, including her appointment as the Minister of Home Affairs of the Royal Kingdom of Sulu, (former) Secretary-Of-State of the Federation of the South Kingdoms,  Global Ambassador of Goodwill by The Royal House of Baloi of HRH Dr. Datu Camad Ali, World Peace Committee Head Representative for California and International Director of Dignitary affairs by WPC President Djuyoto Suntani, Conferment of Doctor of Divinity by the Order of Hagiasmos in Indonesia. She has been interviewed on major news networks and international television and radio shows on her numerous and outstanding humanitarian and peace endeavors globally.

Prior to arriving in the USA, she is a highly-recognized beauty queen, youth and women advocate and an entrepreneur in the Philippines where she was born and raised. But it was in the United States where she began honing her crafts and making big dreams turned into business opportunities when she pursued her career in Modeling and Marketing in 2005. She finished Fashion Designing & Merchandising course at Fashion Careers International in 2006.

She is now a multi-awarded and globally-recognized diplomat, philanthropist, education and health advocate, women and children’s champion, community leader, artist, television host, businesswoman and most of all, a humanitarian. A book on her philanthropic and humanitarian works has just been published on her honor, called “We Care for Humanity Poetry.”

Maria Amor is a Marketing and Branding expert, a modern artist and savvy designer. Her interests include humanitarian works, film studies, book publication, culinary and entertainment skills enhancement activities. Amor has also spearheaded numerous other charitable events over the years, including the following:

  • Creator/ Chairman, 2nd Global Officials of Dignity (GOD) Awards, United Nations, NY, 2014
  • International Event Organizer/Global Sponsorship Coordinator, World Peace Summit, 2013
  • Creator/Producer, 1st GOD Awards in Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, CA 2013
  • Head Representative for CA, USA, by the International Peace Committee, Indonesia 2013
  • Invited Main Speaker, International Spices Conference in Ambon Maluku, Indonesia 2013
  • Recently Invited at the USA Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC, 2013
  • Creator/Producer – Miss Globe Ambassador Beauty Pageant- Beverly Hilton Hotel, CA 2012
  • Producer/Coordinator- Global Independence Day- Beverly Hilton Hotel, CA 2011
  • Creator/Producer- Mr. & Ms. Perfect Creature Pageant- Universal Hilton, CA 2011
  • Creator/Producer- Ms. Exoti-lady World Pageant- Universal Hilton, CA 2010