Mrs. Sabetha M. J. Mwambenja


2Managing Director

Covenant Bank for Women (Tanzania) Ltd

Sabetha Mwambenja studied her first degree in Bachelor of Arts at the University of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, and took her Masters degree in Business Administration at the University of Central Michigan in Mt. Pleasant, in the United States of America. She is also holding diplomas in Agribusiness Management, Rural Credit Development, Industrial Extension services and Micro Enterprises finance.

Sabetha joined the National Bank of Commerce (NBC) in 1974 and began her banking career as Management Trainee.

Following a series of professional and banking roles in the bank, at various levels, she was appointed as Chief Advances Manager and later as the first woman Director of Credit in the National Bank of Commerce history.

In January, 1998 she was appointed as General Manager of the newly established Exim Bank Tanzania Limited. Again being the first Woman General Manager in the history of banking industry in Tanzania.

After 2 years of exemplary performance, in year 2000 she was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Exim bank, Once again as the first and the only Woman CEO in the banking sector in Tanzania, the position she held for 14 years up to 31st December, 2010.

Under her leadership, Exim Bank Tanzania Limited, has grown in leaps and bounds to being among the top 10 (ten) large banks in Tanzania in terms of Assets, Profits and branches network.

In year-2009, she was appointed to be a member of the Governing Board of the Global Banking Alliance (GBA) for women. She is also sitting as a Board Member of the Southern Highlands University College.

In year 2010, the TIAW (The International Alliance for Women), named Sabetha Mwambenja, an AWARD WINNER OF THE PRESTIGEOUS TIAW WORLD OF DIFFERENCE 100 AWARDS in the COMMUNITY/CORPORATE category. TIAW is an International umbrella organization whose mission is economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs and those seeking board governance roles in the world’s business capitals. The TIAW world of Difference 100, Honours up to 100 women from around the world who have contributed to the economic empowerment of women.

Due to her entrepreneurial achievements, her current responsibilities and her commitment to serve the women micro and SMEs, in 2010 she was appointed to be a member of The World Entrepreneurship Forum (WEF), founded by EMLYON Business School and KPMG.

In January, 2011, Mrs. Mwambenja was appointed the first Managing Director and CEO of the newly established, Covenant Bank for Women Tanzania Limited. The new bank she is heading is in pursuit of wealth creation for women and junior entrepreneurs through accessing finance and training to these entrepreneurs. The bank will also be facilitating graduation of micro and small entrepreneurs from the bottom of the pyramid (BoP) to higher levels, through innovative financial products and services. In her career as banking executive, committed to bring effective social change, she is collaborating with informal sector workers union to facilitate the 8 million informal sector entrepreneurs to have access to banking services.

Due to her commitment towards empowering women, Sabetha Mwambenja was among the chosen few representing Tanzania as a panelist at the first African First Ladies Summit, organized by The George Bush Institute held in Tanzania.

In March 2015 WETATI (Women Empowered to Achieve the Impossible), named Sabetha Mwambenja, an AWARDEE OF THE WOMAN ACHIEVING THE IMPOSSIBLE in the LIFE AND BUSINESS category, ”for Her Philanthropy, Entrepreneurial and Executive Leadership Savvy, and Exemplary Character”. WETATI is an international organization whose mission is to empower, educate and challenge women to achieve the impossible regardless of their social-economic background.


Sabetha Mwambenja is currently a Chairperson of TradeMark East Africa Challenge Fund Investment Committee. In 2012 the President of Tanzania appointed Mrs. Mwambenja Chairperson of the Tanzania Trade Development Authority, TANTRADE which is under the Ministry of Industries and Trade.


Mrs. Mwambenja has been able to excel herself as well as the organizations she has been leading, because of her belief that “Nothing is impossible”.