Founder & Co-Chairperson, Nekotech Global Future Leaders: US-Africa Peace and Integrity Academy

Her Excellency Rev. Dr. Ocansey is a princess of the Ocansey Royal Family of Ada, Ghana. She is a world renowned and award winning Peace, legal migration and decent jobs for security Advocate, Philanthropist, Professional Engineer, evangelist, author, lecturer, a businesswoman, a songwriter, a mother for the motherless, a migration expert, radio show hostess, and former USA QVC-TV show hostess of Destination Africa.

HE Rev. Dr. Ocansey co-founded the rural Nekotech Center of Excellence in her hometown-Ada, Ghana, with the late USA mega entertainer, Mr. Isaac Hayes and co-founded the White House and Buckingham Palace recognized ‘Save a Million Lives from HIV/AIDS’ Project with the African American National Medical Association and USA Student National Medical Association. She co-founded the Channels of Blessings’ – Angels of Hope HIV/AIDS Orphan Support Program with US mega actor Steven Seagal where they supported over 850 orphans – both poor/needy as well as those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Her work in HIV/AIDS touched many youth, saving millions of young lives through a strong, vivid and sustained music video campaign in partnership with Hollywood and Ghanaian music stars- to save babies from AIDS by stopping mother to child transmission, and with a food security project introducing a major zucchini farm to feed poor families in partnership with Love in Action of Utah.

She is Co-chair of the ‘We Support Peace With Justice’ banner campaign for Middle East Peace, through the US based Middle East Peace Working Group, which gained the support of the UN Secretary General, HE Ban KI-moon. She was the featured personality of the recent World Bank Documentary: ‘Voices of a New Ghana’.

With her strong work in Global AIDs warfare, when Ebola hit West Africa, she was called upon to Chair the US-Africa Ebola Working Group of Washington D.C., to rally support and awareness globally, and was instrumental in mobilising Canada’s support through the University of Alberta’s Symposium on Ebola with a highly impactful video campaign-pointing out that the peace and security of non-Ebola nations would be affected if they did not stop Ebola in its tracks.

Having been educated at the prestigious Wesley Girls High School in Ghana and Rutgers University’s College of Engineering in the USA, HE Rev. Dr. Ocansey gained valuable working experience in the USA, working in Professional Engineering and Consulting positions with Fortune 500 USA companies, such as Pepsico, Avon Products and Johnson & Johnson, while working on UNDP, UNEP/ICT Consulting international assignments, and serving the Ghana Government in consulting roles at the Ghana Investment Promotion Center, and the Ghana Ministry of Mines and the Ghana Ministry for Employment and Social Welfare.

She is the founder and co-chairperson of the transformational Global Future Leaders: US-Africa Peace and Integrity Academy.  The maiden academy was launched at the UN in August 2015 -giving diasporan youth exposure to peacebuilding at the UN level. It seeks to instill into the youth, virtues of peace and integrity. The Academy is now working in partnership with the Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Center to roll out a national peace training project for local chiefs, youth and women for the 2016 election year in Ghana. She is the founder of the ‘I Spread Peace’ campaign, using chocolate spreads and fortune cookies ‘to bring the subject of peace to every family dining table’.

She is passionate about peace and security through legal migration:  giving the ‘have nots’ a ‘hand up with excellence’ verses a ‘hand out’. Her philosophy is that when we teach people how to fish with excellence, instead of giving them fish, we build a more peaceful and secure world, while giving them the dignity of a decent job which raises their self-esteem. Her Ejumapa (meaning decent jobs) – decent jobs through legal migration for security programs – has given leapfrogging ‘hand ups’ to thousands of young Ghanaian men and women whose lives have been transformed and are now working legally in Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Canada, USA and Australia. Her recent – Ejumapa Estates- provides one of the most affordable housing projects in Ghana to give the poor a chance to own small homes at home while working overseas. She believes in ‘doing everything in love’ 1 Cor 16 v 14. Her work has won many awards globally.