Eng. Lamis Al Kaati       


lamis-al-kaatis-photoFounder & Previous Chair of Syrian Ladies Society which was aimed to connect Syrian woman under one umbrella and empowering and advancing woman, regardless of their political views. It was a success story as it demonstrated that women were able to work together and communicate and move forward in a time were Syria was and still undergoing political conflicts.

Supported Arts that Empower the Image of Woman and Art Exhibitions showcasing Female artist work,

Supported three successful Exhibitions (Artists Mrs. Lara Raad Exhibition and Exhibition “Eva” for 12 Female Artist,  Mr. Waddah Al Sayed Exhibition woman of jasmine

Current title: Ambassador for Woman’s News Agency Woman’s News Agency. wonews is the first and only nonprofit News Agency in the Middle East specializing in Women’s Media that is working towards a secure Arab Media network for women.

Have Initiated a campaign calling towards “a secure media for woman”

Strategic Partner in this event

Wrote several articles that been published about peace and woman advancement in education,

And an article fighting against Violence from Woman to Woman published on Emirates Business Woman Magazine

I am a Member of McGill Alumni and Emirates Business Woman Council, Arab Business Woman Council