7Angela Dick is the visionary and brain behind Transman. Deeply concerned about the vast numbers of unemployed people with minimal skills, standing outside factory gates and in the streets begging for jobs, horrified at the desperation she saw on their faces and knowing that the cycle of poverty for them might never change but worsen, she founded Transman in 1983, focused specifically on enabling the South African people to find employment and begin to develop a secure financial future for themselves and their families.

The struggle to establish an original, legally compliant, well respected service to both work-seekers and Commercial entities, in a tight economic and tense political environment at the time was never easy, and it took Angela some 5 years to begin to gain acceptance in what was then a highly exploitive market. She persisted, believing that ultimately she would succeed in doing what she had set out to do, making a positive difference to the lives of the disadvantaged communities around her.

As early as 1986 she changed South African Labour Law to better protect work-seekers who were not permanently employed. In 1989, she as introduced the first Provident Fund of its kind, specifically designed to protect and assist Temporary employees regardless of whether they were working or not, which Fund has grown to many millions in value today.

Today Transman has an established network of Branches throughout South Africa and across its borders, placing an average of 7 to 10 000 work-seekers in multiple job categories in every Industry and commercial venture on a daily basis. Due to its constant innovation and unconventional approach together with its service excellence, Transman is proud to know that it has placed over 3 000 000 South African citizens in employment since its inception in August 1983, thus bringing financial stability and opportunity to our people.

Angela has been invited to address many organisations, institutions, business entities and governments on numerous occasions.  Her contribution and success have been recognised by innumerable independent organizations as follows;

She is the Inaugural Winner in the Entrepreneurial category of the BWA Businesswoman of South Africa in 2006;  She was invited by the Commonwealth Business Council to address the Commonwealth Heads of State and Government in Uganda in 2007; She is the Winner of the Most Influential Woman in Business and Government Award 2007; She was the former Chairman of the Tradepol Committee Business Unity South Africa 2007; She is a Member of the Board of Trustees of Business Unity South Africa; She is a Director of Business Unity South Africa; She is an Executive Member of NEDLAC (National Economic Development and Labour Council); She is a Founding Member and currently Vice President of CAPES (Confederation Association of the Private Employment Sector); She is a Trustee of the CAPES Provident Fund; She is a Member and was the Chair of the Government and Parastatal Committee of APSO (Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations);  She is a Member of the Millennium Labour Council; She is a Member of the Institute of Directors; She was the first Female President of SEIFSA (the Steel Engineering Federation of South Africa) in 2015; She was the Winner of the Motlekar Black Business Quarterly Most Outstanding Woman in Business Award in 2015; She was a Finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the World Award Exceptional Category in 2015; She was the Winner of the Standard Bank Top Businesswoman of the Year Award 2015; She was the Winner of the Most Influential Woman in Business and Government Award South Africa Lifetime Achiever 2015 and 2016; and She was the Winner of the Most Influential Woman in Business and Government Award, the African Continent Lifetime Achiever 2015 and 2016. She was also appointed as an Advisory Board Member of First National Bank 2016.

Angela is dedicated to the economic stability of South Africa and the wellbeing of its entire people.