Message from the ED

ED's official photos 1Welcome to 2018- Unleashing 21st Century Amazons and World Changers!

On behalf of the board and management of the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development and the Amazons Watch Magazine, we gladly present you our theme of the Year 2018- Unleashing 21st Century Amazons and World Changers.

This theme is inspired by ancient Greek Mythology that symbolized the Amazon as brave and strong women who were a force to be reckoned with, in their time; backed by US- Russian joint archaeological findings, following a long period of research, proving the existence of these rare species of women in historical times.

Around the 1990s, the search trail of the archaeologists led to the discovery of the graves of ordinary women with evidence that were far beyond anything ordinary. The discoveries of warrior women buried with their weapons, including a bowlegged woman (as a result of constant riding) lying with an iron dagger on her left side and a quiver full of 40 bronze-tipped arrows on her right, and a woman skeleton with bent arrowhead implanted in her cavity; proved that these Amazons were nothing but brave, resourceful and strong.

Fast forward to the typical 21st century woman; and we find women doing men’s job; women in all kinds of sports, competing in football, baseball, wrestling with male counterparts; women in all high level groups of finance, government and business; and women as Presidents, and heads of states.

We at the Centre are therefore glad to see the Women we showcase on our various platforms continuing to inspire our World of Amazons, and contributing tirelessly to making our world a better place for all. We are therefore optimistic that despite the challenges and turbulence experienced in 2017, the year 2018 will usher in the rebirth of a new breed of amazons, who are resiliently positioned as world changers, broadly advancing the roles and ideals of our Amazons of times past.

In anticipation of this grand move, in this Year 2018; we have set up in motion, enriching platforms designed to build formidable networks, mutually beneficial partnerships, high net worth collaborations, bespoke and private investment meetings, and a lot more. Be on the look out!

We are therefore excited to offer all these and more on our newly improved and bigger platforms, as well as our flagship events- The International Conference on Gender and Sustainability, New York 2018 and 2018 editions of South America- Africa-Middle East-Asia Women Summit, Shanghai China and Dubai UAE respectively

We are also thrilled to introduce the launch of our brand new platforms, outlined as follows-

  • The Global Amazons Network;
  • The Amazons Watch Magazine Blue Ribbon List of Top 50 Women in Business and Politics across the four regions of Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America;
  • The REACH Girls for STEM Network
  • The Emerging Economies Women Equity & Development Forums, comprising of a family of high net worth forums, such as- the Africa Women Forum, Asia Women Forum, Middle East Women Forum and South America Women Forum. This series of Forums is designed to lead the discussion and implementation of a full range of opportunities and development for women; targeted and customized to the specific circumstances of these regions.

All these platforms will feature links to key markets in our four target regions through members of the network; a monthly display hall of Amazonic achievements and breakthroughs; and an elaborate showcase and unearthing of the bold, resilient and world changing efforts of  Amazons across regions.

Watch this space closely for further details on the participation modalities of these programs.

We look forward to the Year 2018 with great anticipation and hope that women across the globe will be inspired to change their world, one positive action at a time.

Kind Regards,
Mrs. Furo Giami
Executive Director
Centre for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD)