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Welcome to 2017- A Year of the Woman

On behalf of the Board and Management of the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development, we wish to joyfully welcome you to the Year 2017. A year that is set to open up opportunities and possibilities for the women folk in emerging economies; especially in spheres traditionally cordoned off for the male folk.

This is not a wild claim, we are optimistic about the breakthroughs that will accrue from the bold moves that women are set to make in this new year, especially with popular predictions that the year 2017 will be a ‘Year of the Woman.

We, at the Centre are overjoyed at the well-deserved achievements of the amazing women in our network, in the past year 2016, and we also urge these ‘beacons’ to keep up with their noble contributions to the development of their regions, as they set out to dominate, take on new territories and impact communities in this Year 2017.

We are indeed excited as we fully implement our development programs, this year 2017 such as the Partnership for African Women Development (PAWED) Initiative– the reliable platform for connecting global businesses and development opportunities to women and girls in Africa as well as the Amazons Watch Magazine’s line up of programs, designed to provide more opportunities and access to emerging economies highest purchasing power- Women.

In the same vein, the organization recently designed the Emerging Economies Women in STEM program, aimed at further harnessing women capital towards scaling up the growth of these regions and earnestly begin the journey to competing favorably with their developed counterparts in the global economic space. This program also aims to inspire and empower the next generation of female STEM champions.

With the amazing packages of these development programs, uniquely tailored to suit the need and mission of any high impact individual or organizations who desire diverse inroads into Africa’s and other developing  countries untapped resources; be rest assured of a rewarding partnership in 2017.

In light of the above, do let us know how we can partner with you in any way to further consolidate your work in your country/region as well as cover and highlight your amazing achievements on our global platforms.

For a quick information on our activities in 2017, please log on to our website on or and access CELD’s Corporate Summary. For a more detailed information on the organization, view our organizational profile, the latest edition of Amazons Watch Magazine, Highlights of SAMEAWS 2016 Dubai event as well as other inspiring resources for women.

While we look forward to discussing various partnership possibilities with you, including the ones mentioned above; we wish you a prosperous 2017 and the very best that the year will offer.


Kind Regards,

Mrs. Furo Giami

Executive Director, Centre for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD)



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