Ten Days Knowledge Exchange Study Tour of European Seaports

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October 11, 2017
November 21, 2017
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Ten Days Knowledge Exchange Study Tour of European Seaports

Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Belgium, Marseille and Le Havre

The ten days experience sharing / knowledge exchange study tour of the Ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Netherlands; Antwerp, Belgium; and the Ports of Marseille and Le Havre, France is billed to hold from December 04 to 14, 2017, and is organized by the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD), in partnership with the African Leadership UK Limited.

Ports and Harbours are sensitive and strategic for any economy in terms of immigration. They also serve as an important commercial hub for any country, contributing greatly towards economic development. Properly managed port operations promote sustainable economic development, and create a balance between strong financial returns, care for environment and comprehensive added value to their regions of operation. This knowledge exchange study tour is designed to expose participants to the technicalities, strategies, and methodologies as well as to address trends of practices related to marine terminal and waterfront development leases, that have worked for the above listed ports, placing them on Europe’s top 20, list of highest ranking Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) Seaports, and among the world’s busiest ports by cargo tonnage.

Some of the focus areas of this knowledge exchange study tour include:

Exploring various aspects of Port Economics (e.g. Energy efficiency and sustainability in ports)

  • Green Ports and Harbours

 Development and maintenance of ports’ superstructure

  • Maintenance of safety and security within the terminal
  • Nautical/harbour operations and hydrographic survey
  • Ownership and administration of land and water within port limits
  • Legislation international relations/ Operations monitoring & enforcement of section agreements
  • Marine incidents and pollutions – (Green Ports and Harbours)
  • Nature and structure of leases, use of leasing policies, legal and regulatory considerations



  • Port Authority officials in Africa
  • Ship owners in Africa
  • Maritime executives
  • Private port managers
  • Free zone officials
  • Customs and Immigration officials
  • Individuals and businesses with interest in ports management/operations


For more information on participation, Contact us:
Email Simon, on simon@celdng.org or Eruke on eruke@celdng.org

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